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To JustJus on the "Comment"

If I were Scott Stapp I wouldnt be sitting in this shitty state of Oklahoma. Also, If I were Scott Id be rolling in my big pile of millions rather that commenting in a free "live journal." Id also like to be Mark Tremonti because he is one hell of guitar player (Guitar Worlds Best Guitarist of the year, 2 years in a row if i may add). Tremonti actually inspired me to pick up a guitar myself. For now im just spreading the good stuff.
Sarcasm--->Thanks for commenting and write again!<---Sarcasm

More Sarcasm Below Watch Out!

E-mail me at KissMyCreedLovingAss@GetALoadOfThisFag.Com to make some more dumb ass comments that Ill just throw away because im not going to waste my time on them. Thanks!
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