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Creed has broken up

Fill free to make fun or whatever the hell you want. Its not gonna bother me.

Well it has finally happened.Creed has split up. You think this is a good thing right? Well fuck you, especially you fags that think creed is just a pearl jam copy (read my bio). Creed will be greatly missed by their legions of fans and will never be forgotten. Creed broke the mold in the mid 1990s with My Own Prison in a time of teen pop shit (fucking backstreet boys). And for you all that hate creed so much, Its not over Scott stapp is releasing a solo album due in the fall and Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshal have formed a new band with Myles Kennedy called Alter Bridge. Alter Bridges new single "Open your Eyes" is coming out this week and will be playing on all your radio stations. Their album "One Day Remains" comes out August 10.
Thanks for listening to my rants and fill free to email me. Oh yeah and for your many years of creed bashing me, including the millions of Creed fans worldwide would like to say one thing... Fuck You, Your nothing but a bunch of dumb shits lost in the world of Rap and Britney Spears.
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